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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Still 24 Weeks

Very pleased to hear that the oft used phrase in right-wing land - common sense - a phrase which far too often means narrow minded bullying - for once! - has prevailed and the 24 week limit on abortion stays. Along with no discrimination for gay and lesbian couples who want IVF. And despite the rhetoric of Iain Duncan Smith, nobody is saying that fathers aren't important; just that there are other equally valid types of family. Cue the Daily Mail stamping its apoplectic foot in rage. Expect to hear lots of phrases like 'moral decline' and 'end to decency'.

I was thinking about this and I'd have had a tad more sympathy if Ann Widdecombe and Nadine Dorries were vigorously fighting for better sex education and the kind of contraceptive access and information that moral cesspits like Sweden have (along with the lowest rate of teenage pregnancy and STD's in the world).

Which reminds me - I've got to get those kittens neutered. The way Lola licks her brother's ginger bollocks is really rather disturbing.

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