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Friday, 17 December 2010

I heart my Babyliss Big Hair

I've spent years having hairdressers telling me 'your hair is a bit like that seventies cartoon girl . . . what's her name?' 'Crystal Tipps,' I'd reply dully, knowing that only the most determined professional could smooth my hair into the shiny swingy curtain I longed for. And the second a drop of rain hit my bonce, it would be transmogrified into a foaming Bet Lynch bonnet in seconds. My hair is wavy, thick and like a sulking teenager, only needs the slightest excuse to go ballistic. My sister who is much less cack handed than me, says that half an hour with a round brush and hairdryer keeps her similar hair in great nick till the next wash. I get that but I can never get the back bit right. So I've done what I can, and relied on a good blow dry for special occasions.

And then a few days ago I came across India Knight's Posterous site where she was enthusing over the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush. I had a look at the reviews which are mostly ecstatic. So I chased one down and bought it - on eBay for £41.00. And I've just used it.

Gentle Reader, it's the Holy Grail of hair dryers if you have thick, wavy hair. Just section off bits of hair, and the rotating brush winds up your hair as tight as you like. You can release it automatically. If you close your eyes and say: 'We do a serum for stressed hair - only £25.99,' in a camp voice you could be in a hairdresser.

I'm not sure what it's like if you have very fine hair and want to create body, but if I can end up with salon smooth hair with no tears, swearing or four extra pairs of hands so can you.


Kit Courteney said...

I want one.


I NEED one!

Jane said...

@Kit - one tiny downside is I wouldn't buy one on eBay, just because if it breaks down the manufacturer might get arsey about proof of purchase. Go and get one at one of the major stores instead. But apart from that - it's BRILLIANT!

Fran said...

Is there a brush which GIVES you Crystal Tipps hair? It's what I've always wanted. It should balance out the hips a bit.

Jane said...

@Fran - assuming you are not taking the piss - all you have to do is have vaguely wavy hair - stick your head outside in the British winter, and hey presto! Mega-frizz!

Fran said...

I assure you, I am completely serious. Having had flat hair for 48 years I am thoroughly fed up of it. I am afraid standing outside in the British weather produces, not frizz, but more flatness. Sigh. Perhaps an electric shock?

Lorraine The Party Times said...

I must buy one!