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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Could Do Better

My four year old daughter is about to start school but she's been going to nursery so I'm not too worried about having to peel her off my legs, and run out of the playground, to her fading cries of: "Don't leave me mummy!" But here's the thing: yesterday one of her nursery minders gave me her report. What - now four year old preschoolers get reports? But my sardonic smile soon died. What if she'd failed sandpit? Couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong? Or was unable to pull up her own knickers without assistance? (As happened to me not too long ago and no, I'm not going into details).

Of course The Girl was fine. 'A happy little girl who shows understanding of other cultures'. ????? I'm not sure what that means but I'm glad. Her first test. And the first of oh so many.


Juxtabook said...

Good luck with the new school. My 4year old went to nursery for a year, and prior to that had a year of play group twice a week. I still have to peel her off my leg. It is going to be a tiring 13 or 14 years of compulsory education at this rate.

Jane said...

Oooh ta! I have to go and meet her class teacher this afternoon. I've no idea what to say.

But at least they try to ease children into the wonderful world of testing testing testing. I can clearly remember being left early in the playground because my dad had to go to work. I was terrified because there was literally nobody else in the playground and I hid behind the bins. Then I crept into the school, only to bump into what looked like Gandalph in drag (the headmistress) who shouted at me to "Go and Play!" so I ran outside and hid behind the bins again!