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Friday, 30 January 2009


I've just been asked to provide two references and I'm stuck. Who do I know to provide a reference testifying to my non-mentalistness? These are people who:

I can't be having sex with
Or be related to
Or be the parent of
Have to be human
And of good standing
Who have worked with me
And wanted to work with again

That leaves about . . .nobody.

What do you do when you're asked for a reference? This is for a US company so I suspect they want to know if I smoke, take drugs or have ever been a communist. Or have a moustache.



David Bishop said...

Anyone who's commissioned you or edited you. You're freelance, should be a long list!

Antonia said...

Do you know anyone who's a Civil Servant? They're one of the choices for passport references.

Jane said...

Ta for the suggestions. I suppose I'm just a bit surprised. They are a US company though so maybe their checks are tougher . .

Kit Courteney said...

Off topic I'm afraid, but...

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with New Picture!

PS. Send them to me, I'll pretend I've worked with you. I'll even pretend I'm of good standing (well, I am when I'm minus the wine bottle). And if you're very lucky I'll lie through my teeth and say you ain't a mentalist!

Job's in the bag!

Jane said...

That's lovely of you Kit. As it is I do have a couple of people I can ask for references, but I appreciate the offer. And I put up a pic just for a change. How's the dog by the way? Any better?

Robert said...

Due to the nature of my work, I get asked for references all the time. I never lie, but mostly leave out anything which would harm the applicant's potential career. After all, whether or not a person is good at their job is a mixture of how they felt at the time, what the coworkers were like and how interesting they found their last job(s). Some of my best employees were unsuccessful in their previous jobs, but just "fitted in" with me.

However I NEVER leave out information about stealing, dishonesty, bullying, racism etc. Luckily, not many of those types of people ask me for a reference, but some have the nerve to.

Kit Courteney said...

Aww... and there I was, green felt tip awaiting...

Dog SEEMS to be better. He had a bit of a rough time over the weekend but today he looks almost like his normal bouncy self. He's eaten all his food today which he hasn't done for over a week.

I'm keeping everything crossed.