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Friday, 20 March 2009

Princess Party

A panic last night as The Girl suddenly announced she had to 'dress up for school'. I was struggling to get her out of the bath at the time, and said 'mmm' in that awful way you do when you're not really paying attention and are not thinking that one day your child will grow up to be one of those insufferable people who Never Stop Talking, because they weren't listened to as a child. But as I was drying her, she repeated that she had to 'dress up'. So I rang a proper mother, one who actually reads the school newsletter and turns up with homemade chutney to the School Fayre instead of a bought jar with the label steamed off. "Oh yes, the children have to go dressed as a book character" she told me." Fuck.

I ran through The Girl's wardrobe. There was a Chinese costume her dad had brought back from Hong Kong. "How about you going as Chairman Mao?" "NO!" Come to think of it, was there a book called Chairman Mao? Probably. But The Girl seemed curiously unwilling to dress up as a communist dictator. Tch! After a long series of rejections, she finally settled on Lola from the Charlie and Lola books. All I had to do was part her hair in the middle and stick in two clips and put her in a dress. Phew!

And now I'm up to my eyes in making jellies and cakes for her party tomorrow. A Princess Party. Our house will be swarming with sixteen sugar crazed little girls. Wish me luck . . . . .


Kit Courteney said...

OMG that sounds HEAVEN!!

Not for you, granted... but how I wish I was a little girl going to parties once again. Jellies, cakes, pink things, Princess things! Bliss!!

Can we have an update on the party please...? I have a feeling you will do it justice!


Jane said...

Ah well Kit, I've just been making RAINBOW JELLY, layering pink and yellow jelly with bits of fruit because pathetically I want them to get something other than fat and sugar inside them. And The Boy accidently spilt milk all over the half made jelly last night. I swear I wanted to shove his head down the bog and flush it. Instead I found myself DABBING AT A JELLY WITH TISSUES.

Stick with your dog - they are far less trouble

Kit Courteney said...

I nearly spat my vodka at the screen.

Dog = not nearly enough pink.

Milk = calcium. Go with The Boy. He's not as daft as he seems.

I was taught at school c1983 to make 'mousse'. It was a mix of condensed milk and jelly. Tasted fab... looked shit.

Ok, maybe not... little (pink) girls ain't that impressed.

Dab away...

Helen P said...

Jane, I'm assuming you were rewarded with a rather lovely Mother's Day?? Vodka in the jelly perhaps...