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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Starting a book

Oh it's such a beautiful day. So why am I sitting on the bed, laptop in front of me, fingers poised and frozen above the keyboard? Not literally of course - I'm typing this, which is much more fun than Starting A Book. How do real writers do this? I've had this idea fermenting for months now, made notes, wrote a few scripts in between, shouted at the children, examined my split ends and now I can't put it off any more. I have to get started. The words have to come out of my head *she says pretentiously* It's like editorial laxatives.

*Long Pause while I stare at the screen and it mocks me back*

Husband has just walked in and starts ironing his shirt. "Do you know this ironing board is older than either of our children?" I consider this. "Yes and it's a bloody sight more useful too." Knowing our luck, The Boy will still be sitting in his room among an ever growing pile of crusty pants and sticky crockery when he's 50.

Ok. I've got the title.

Coffee Break!

Don't like the title.

Anyone got any tips?


Helen P said...

Jane, you must read Elizabeth George's book 'Write Away' I can't recommend it highly enough. In amongst all the practical advice on writing a novel she includes the character, setting, plotting and viewpoint chapters as you would imagine but she is also fab on the very technical subject of 'bum glue'...go straight to page 213 if you don't believe me! Alternatively, you could just follow my 13-year-old's advice (mad about sport) - "Just do it, Mum," which is probably what Elizabeth is saying in a nutshell. Good luck!

Jane said...

Ooh thanks Helen for the tip. I'll order it. And while I'm reading it I won't have to start the book. Ta!

Kit Courteney said...

Blimey, woman, you write for a must be able to knock out at least 7 a year... surely...?

Please, please, please, just write the thing. It'd be like taking a peek into your mind... not that I'm nosey or nuffink, obviously.

Ruth Moss said...

Oh how exciting! What's the book about?

Jane said...

Er well Kit - I do write for a living but having tutored creative writing am now more than ever, painfully aware of my shortcomings as a writer. And writing scripts -not the same as fiction writing. Scarier!

Ruth - it's a YA book about a girl who has an affair with her teacher and the tabloids get hold of it. The affair that is. Ooh Matron!

Robert said...

I liked Stephen King's book about writing.

I could write a book. I've got the whole story in my head.

I COULD write a book...

...but I haven't got the confidence that others would want read it. And to spend a couple of years writing it for no reward...I couldn't deal with that.

Have I helped?

Antonia said...

Thinking about it is great isn't it? Starting is scary! Only thing to do, I always tell myself, is just open Word Doc, begin to type & see where it leads me.