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Friday, 1 April 2011

Oooh - posh face cream!

After my last post’s transgression into something approaching intellectual rigour – you’ll be pleased to hear I’m back at my usual level of blogdom today. I bought some face cream! Only it’s not just any old face cream – it’s Clinique Superdefense (the skin care industry pays no heed to grammar or spelling) SP25. According to the folded up leaflet in 159 languages, it ‘arms skin to fight the visible effect of emotional stress’. As long as you ‘partner Superdefense with Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Cream.’ So moisturiser by the Ministry of Defence. Except that would mean my night time slap removal and wash routine would end up costing me upwards of fifty quid! So this stuff is going to be ‘partnered’ with Boots face wash and like it.
‘That’ll be £34.90’ said the lady at the counter with rusty streaks down her face and demon eyebrows. I smiled and tried to look as though I do this kind of thing ie pay mad sums for a product where the main ingredient is water, every day.

Yeah but you bought it. Yes I did. Well doesn't it look like it works? All shiny and gleamy and sciencey?! And with the full expectation of looking younger than The Girl who just turned seven, I’ll keep you posted.


Gillian said...

I have tried products like that (oh haven't we all?). Found out after slathering it on for a couple of weeks I am allergic to sunscreen. My face came out all scaly and eczema-like. So pretty.

"Look honey. Look at meee".

So now I wear a great big hat and hope no one can see the finer details in the gloom.

Fran said...

We're expecting pictures, too.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

keep us posted with that then!!

Penny said...

I have to keep away from anything with chemical sunscreen in it too. I recommend that Gillian tries Neil's Yard lavender sunscreen which is a barrier cream not a chemically-based one. (At last it doesn't have the chemicals in it that I'm allergic to.) Only downside is that the smell of lavendar attracts wasps from across three counties!

Jane said...

@Gillian you poor thing! What about 'natural' ones - are they any good?
@Fran - and you shall have them!
@Penny - I love lavender based anything but the idea of being a wasp magnet puts me off a little.

Gillian said...

Natural ones... You know I never thought of that since I probably just assumed they'ed be no good. Right, I'm going shopping!

Barrier cream though makes me think I might end up looking like this >

Still, simple yet effective.