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Thursday, 31 July 2008


If anyone has ever seen Ed, Edd and Eddie on Cartoon Network, you'll remember that one of the characters is surrounded by a miasma of fleas and general humming nasties. I was reminded of this when The Boy announced that two of his friends were coming for a sleepover. Delightful boys, all of them, but all with the same relaxed approach to personal hygeine. Having suggested they leave the bedroom window open so as not to corrode their lungs, I left them to killing zombies on the X-Box. The next day when they went home, The Boy's bedroom smelled as though it had been occupied by an army of giant, sweaty hamsters.

And now Boy has just marched into my bedroom and announced that one of the kittens has fleas. This is surprising given that I've just doused all three of them in Frontline, the number one catty flea killer on the market. "I keep seeing black things jumping off my legs" said The Boy in tones of utter outrage. There are three possible reasons for this:

1. The kitten does have fleas (unlikely since I 'frontlined' them three days ago.
2. The Boy is taking whatever drugs that cause visions of black spots.
3. The Boy has fleas.

Oh dear.

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