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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Waxing as Work Avoidance

I've just rewritten a sitcom for the seventh time and it's sort of getting there, in the way that you stuff a duvet into a duvet case and after much pulling, tugging, shaking and swearing realise that it's sort of ending up with the corners matching but you're getting in a sweat about it and you won't know until you give it all a good shake and let it settle.

I've let it settle because I'm a believer in letting writing marinate a little and then going back to it when you've gained a little perspective. Sadly the perspective is often likely to be a crushing realisation that what you've written needs to be rewritten. So to avoid this pain, I decided to get a good waxing done. It was my birthday yesterday and Husband was in Hong Kong on business (huh - the things he does to avoid getting me a present) - and the children were at school so I nipped off to the local beauty salon.

"I don't know why people make such a fuss about this," I squeaked at the Australian girl who was slapping boiling wax over my tender parts. "Just one quick rip and I'll have all the hair off" she said cheerfully. Then she yanked and waited till I peeled myself off the ceiling. "Do you know you have a hair sticking out your belly button?" No I didn't. "We'll get that little beauty out then!" And she hauled that maverick bit of hair out too while I tried to catch up on all the orange celebrities explaining how the recently deceased Jade was their best friend and brought so much joy into everyone's life. It was difficult as my eyes kept filling up with tears (of pain). "Men don't have to go through this" I moaned. My waxer disagreed. "Oh they do. Some guys come in and they want it all off." What including the back bits? "No - I don't do arseholes" she said. I decided to leave the conversation there. Then I went home feeling very smooth and groomed if a year older, and had a few hours to myself before the children came home. After that a dear friend cooked me steak and chips with proper Bearnaise sauce, and poured the sort of red wine that has an old, slightly grubby aftertaste but in a good way. Just like me really.


Helen P said...

So when we see the waxing scene in the sitcom we'll know it's based on fact - hard fact!

Kim Hruba said...

I once saw a bit on "Calfornication" about a waxing salon. It had some kind of cute name like "Pink Lips". No wait, it couldn't have been THAT (although it is funny!) All I remember are the screams. And these came from the porn stars who regulary came in to get everything waxed. At least you didn't cry and the day ended with someone else cooking dinner.

Have you ever read Nora Ephron's, I Feel Bad About My Neck? It's hilarious and thoughtful. A good read as we age.

And on that note, Happy Birthday!

trainsnboatsnplanes said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Go Aussie!

Antonia said...

That's so funny!

I agree with the marinating of words.

Kit Courteney said...

I'm just catching up... (story of my life, that).

A VERY belated Happy Birthday!