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Friday, 27 June 2008

CRB Checks

According to Frank Furedi, we are creating a nation of adults terrified to approach children for fear of being labelled paedophiles. He thinks our discretion should be used when it comes to hiring adults to work with children instead of CRB’s which people find ‘intrusive’. Wouldn’t it be awful if a brilliant football coach didn’t come forward because a CRB check would reveal his pot head past? Perish the thought!

Esther Rantzen who was also on the programme simply said that if someone applied to work with children or vulnerable adults they should have their background checked for any record of attacking children. No it’s not infallible. But given that paedophiles tend not to have PERVE tattooed on their forehead (although I’m sure the News of the World is working on it) as well as habitually seeking out ways to come into contact with children, this CRB check seems very reasonable to me.

My four year old daughter is about to go to school and I want anyone who comes into close contact with her to have a CRB check and if they whine about it being 'intrusive' they can fuck off.

But the fact is, she is more likely to be attacked and abused by someone she already knows. Because far from there being armies of paedophiles roaming the country, statistically the most dangerous place for a child is their own home with people they trust to care for them.

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