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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I Am Old

Yes. Two things to follow that will, repeat will, make me sound like an Old Person who (possibly, though dear God let it not be the case) reads the Daily Mail:

1. At the weekend I saw on a train platform, an advert for a new young person's popular music CD called Hed-Kandi. Now I do like dance music. I really do. But the first thing that jumped into my head was: 'Jesus. No wonder kids in this country can't spell!' splutter splutter, fume, fume. *sigh*

2. And I took the Boy to see Foo Fighters on Friday 6, along with most of the world. In fact one girl got so excited on the tube, she fainted at the prospect. Aww bless. The Boy, if you remember, in response to my getting tickets said: "The support band are bound to be crap". Well they were Supergrass and entirely not crap at all. Then Dave Grohl strolled on stage, t-shirt a bit sweaty, hair carelessly tousled, the crowd roared, and my ears popped. I just about restrained myself from saying: "Goodness, it's loud isn't' it?"

Dave Grohl himself was suitably clad in a scruffy tee and his hair had that 'carelessly tousled by Leonard of Mayfair twice a week' look. I would also imagine that after all that headbanging, he had a good neck masseur on speed dial. And the drummer looked incredibly like Kurt Cobain which I can't help imagine, must be slightly irritating for Mr Grohl.

Thing is - it's not possible to look at a big stadium band anymore without thinking of Spinal Tap. But I'm sure there were plenty of lovely young things lining up to have a good go at Dave Grohl's love pump.

Anyway, the Boy nodded his head a couple of times and pointed fingers at the stage, so I think he enjoyed himself.

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