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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fear + Hollywood + Money + Career =

Arrrghhhh! Will you look at the rubberised face of the utterly beautiful Nicole Kidman? I said that I'd had my forehead botoxed in my last post and what with oddly blank, expresssionless celebs, or Jocelyn Wildenstein horror stories, our perception of botox seems to be wrapped up in a toxic stew of vanity, fear of ageing, too much money and deluded notions of holding back time. And by the way, while everyone had a horror stricken laugh at the poor woman's face, let's not forget she did it in an attempt to keep her relationship together. But I don't think botox is any more madly induldgent than spending a fortune on some dubious face cream, and at least it works. Also I know it's not going to stop me ageing but I do feel loads better having a nicely smooth forehead that still moves, and leaving the rest of my face alone. The other thing my chatty botox doctor mentioned, apart from leaving the eyes alone unless they are very lined, was that the frozen face sydrome is also caused by having the bottom half of your face botoxed (around the nose, mouth and neck) instead of just a little in the upper area - frown lines, glabella (between the eyes) and a teeeny weeeny bit round the eyes themselves. Oh and it does hurt a bit. Like you're being attacked by a very pissed off (and persistent) bee. You can get an anaesthetic but apparently they're not very effective because of the problem of needle on bone. But don't go into one of those high street salons that offer any needle related products - you want someone who is very very experienced, and a properly qualified doctor or nurse. Botox may not be permanent but too much of the stuff or improperly injected, and you can look like a stroke victim for a couple of months. Applied by a professional and a nervous beauty therapist who's just done a weekend course is the difference between an artist wielding a brush, and a dog with its tail dipped in a paint pot.

Although having said that, I'm sure the surgeon who worked on La Kidman was not an orange faced teenage therapist, but she still ended up looking like she'd been dipped in formaldehyde.

As for those who exhort younger actresses to 'embrace their wrinkles' (Yes I'm talking to you Jane Fonda - no stranger to the scalpel yourself missy)- funny how the people who witter on about loving their wrinkles are always the ones who have both the choice and the funds to minimise them?


Fran said...

I don't see any wrinkles on my face when I look in the mirror. (But then I make sure it's all steamed up before I look in it.)

Posie Patchwork said...

I can't imagine doing anything about my face, i like lines & wrinkles, shows that you've lived!! Smiling makes you look younger than not smiling & avoiding the wrinkles. I have 4 teenagers in the midst, as if botox will help the worry lines i'm about to get.
So funny that those who say "don't" seem to have experienced it themselves. Like those anti porn campaigners, they seem to know an awful lot about porn, you know, for research purposes, like Japanese kill whales for!!
Nicole Kidman looks so much older than her real age in that horrible shot. I can appreciate women doing full on plastic surgery but it's the men that make me feel ill?? Love Posie

Jane said...

@Fran - that's an excellent idea and a lot cheaper! @Posie - I suppose in Hollywood where looks are everything and age is feared, I suppose it's inevitable. You should look at for some real humdingers!

Kit Courteney said...

I used to adore Nicole Kidman... but I cannot understand anyone who does THAT amount of damage to their face.

Creams, potions, lotions... even Botox(!)in moderation, I can understand... hell, we all want to look our best and if we don't think we do then why not give ourselves a 'lift'.

By the way, I saw some awful BBC programme last week - in the morning - and it had Nicki Chapman(?) in it... something about Australia... Anyway, SHE has such dead eyes. Very strange trying to work out when she's happy. You do right not to get your eyes drowned in the stuff.

Botox said...

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